Thursday, January 19, 2012

Round and round we go

Since I've been driving regularly for two and half years, I have become more incensed with other drivers. I have gotten past the stage where I think only BMW and Mercedes Benz drivers are bad; now I know most people behind a steering wheel in Hong Kong don't respect any kind of traffic or moral laws.

One thing I cannot get is how people don't know how to use roundabouts. It should be easy. Let's assume we are driving on the left hand side of the road (i.e. British, Japanese), the roundabout has two lanes and you know which exit to take. If you are taking the first exit (i.e. immediately turning left), you should stay on the inside lane (i.e. the left lane). If you are taking any other exit, you should go on the outside lane (i.e. the right lane). This assignment should avoid any collisions. The only problem is if you don't know which exit to take. If you are such a cretin (no offence), then take the inside lane (the left lane) and drive until you know which exit to take.

Oh, and remember to indicate which I will be writing about later when I stopped steaming through my ears after typing this entry.

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