Monday, October 10, 2011

TVB Pearl News hotties

In recent years, news programs and channels have to become more competitive as news rapidly becomes more commercialized. Tactics used in their broadcast include become 24 hour rolling news with in depth coverage of major stories, ranging from the serious (Iraq, Afghanistan) to the biennial (any story involving a celebrity), to asking viewers to send in their stories / comments / photos regarding the current topics.

News channels have also been focusing on looks recently. In years gone by, the typical newsreader would be a middle age man with a receding hairline and glasses, reading the news stoically in front of a plain background. Nowadays, the people reading and reporting the news tend to be young pretty women.

Before people start writing in saying I'm misogynistic and only watch the news just because a beautiful lady happens to be on my screen, let me just says I have a great deal respect for journalist and reporters. Not the ones who chose to report gossip of minor celebrities but those reporters who report the important news, even if it means a disruption of your social life or having to go difficult situations.

I know these ladies have acquired the relevant degrees, attended the required courses and undergone the necessary training to reach where they are. So why can't I say she's a babe and I want to go out with her? So here's my tribute to my favourite TVB Pearl News hotties... I mean female reporters.

Sonya Artero
I hate to use the phrases "MILF" or "cougar" but you get my drift of how I'm describing Sonya Artero. I prefer her to Jenny Lam because she has a bubbly personality and tends to have an off-the-quip remark about the lighter stories of the day which end the news bulletin.

Phillippa Stewart
When Emma Jones left TVB News, I felt that there wouldn't be another beautiful English lady would ever report for TVB News again. How wrong I was. Phillippa has lovely eyes and a great smile, as well as being very dedicated and good at her job. She had the guts to try out for a Playboy Bunny in Macau. It's a pity there are no photos of her in the bunny outfit.

Priscilla Ng
Definitely the most beautiful TVB Pearl news reporter. She doesn't have to be a reporter. She could easily marry a rich guy and stay at home. But she chooses to go out and find news stories, as well as reporting the TVB Pearl news.

Mona Lam
I am so disappointed Mona Lam has left TVB Pearl news. She is the lady I want most to be my girlfriend. I am really afraid she left TVB Pearl news just to get married. I'm still holding out and crossing my fingers.

Nicole Tsang
Another beautiful, hard working reporter who has since left TVB Pearl news. Why do all the nice girls seem to go away...

Evelina Leung
... only to be replaced by another beautiful well-informed reporter. The most voluptuous reporter on TVB Pearl and I don't mean she's fat - she has the curves in all the right places, just like the Nurburgring.

Danielle Tran Another hard working reporter who works for both TVB Pearl and Bloomberg. Love the dyed hair.

Elmy Lung
Maybe not as beautiful as the other lot but she works for both TVB Pearl and TVB Jade news. Comes across as the cute girl next door.

Bo Leung
A very cute lady who had a brief time on TVB Pearl news. Sadly missed by me only.

Jacqueline P'ng
Another cute girl next door reporter who has tragically has left TVB Pearl news.

Honourable mentions: Jenny Chan and Rainbow Ngai help present the weather at the end of TVB Pearl news. Cute as hell.


knockoutgirl said...

I love you. Please also comment on the dashing TVB Pearl guys.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorites was Denise Tom. Evelina Leung though, is getting hotter every time.

Anonymous said...

Sonya is not a mother!

Anonymous said...

Do not know if Sonya a mother. When she was on Guam went out with the most successful men and ran in high circles. She has it so why not though? Did I say hot? Rumor is she dated a governor and Guam's most successful attorney and lost both to less attractive women. Did I say hot?!?!

Anonymous said...

Jenny lam had the best personality and the best voice on the news. This is the news not a beauty pageant.

Anonymous said...

Evelina Leung - ravishing! So pleased when she comes on and does the weather instead of the usual girl who can't enunciate properly.