Thursday, November 22, 2007

Two types of headaches

I had my first migraine this week... or I think I did. I had a stomach ache, dyspepsia in nature, starting on Sunday but it progressed to a headache on Monday. The stomach ache and headache got so bad, I missed most of classes on Monday and Tuesday. I still don't think it was a migraine but it doesn't fit any other type of headache.

What was even worse was losing my phone on the minibus on Tuesday after attending my follow-up with my psychiatrist. I'm pissed off at myself at losing a relatively new phone (given to me by my mother), since I'm usually careful with these things. Nine times out of ten when I leave public transport I will check my seat in case I have left something. This time it didn't happen, probably due to my headache.

I'm more pissed off nobody has returned the phone and has already chucked out the SIM card. The person in question has probably used the phone for him/herself or sold my MotoL6i off. I'm probably naive in thinking or have an idealistic view people will return things that have been lost but this never is the case in Hong Kong. This just probably reinforces my pessimistic view of Hong Kong people being greedy. This situation may occur in other countries but probably less so.

So if you try to call me in the next few days, now you know why I'm not picking up.

Steve McClaren should be hung by his knob and eggs thrown at him. He couldn't even qualify after been giving a lifeline.

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