Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Eye of the beholder

I know it is rude, crass and possibly chauvinistic for people to comment about appearance but I'm going to write about it anyway. Lately I have noticed how hot, beautiful, sexy or all of the above some of the people I knew have become. You don't notice this in your teenage years when everybody is growing and maturing but once you are in the prime of your life at the mid-twenties, you wish you taken more notice of them. I've put some pictures of SOME of those people I've been noticing. Before the bleeding conservatives and feminine activists start shouting and saying I'm displaying pornography or reducing these people to their appearance, I like to say I'm complimenting them on their appearance the only way I know how (a guy's perspective), I have total respect for them and I know they have great personalities, a intelligent brain and other attributes which would guys should be attracted to. There are others girls I know who are just as attractive but I don't they don't have good photos up on the web.

Yet that phrase - "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is true. There are certain people I find attractive that other people don't whilst the opposite is true. I cannot think of any babes I like which others would not touch at this moment in time. Yet there are a few examples I can think of women I don't want to touch. Angelina Jolie is one. I know a lot of guys will think I'm crazy but I think they should hear me out. I prefer her with light brown hair rather than the dark brown or black she normally sports. Plus its her character which bugs me the most - you know deep down she's a whore. Another lady I'm not too amoured too is Halle Berry. I just don't like her hair (what is it with me and women's hair?) - it's too short.

There are other things what makes a woman sexy apart from her appearance: her behaviour, what is she wearing (or not wearing) and her personality. I know Beyonce Knowles is very attractive and stunning. I most likely would like to have sex with her but wouldn't like her to be my girlfriend. I know that sounds weird but I just feel her character wouldn't be faithful to her boyfriend. I'm probably wrong and if I get to know her she might seem a nice woman but that is the impression I get from her.

Yet that is how guys assess gals; on their appearance. We want to be attracted to gals with a great personality, a wonderful sense of humour or kind generosity but we cannot see that straight away. If there was a rating meter over each girl displaying those statistics, life would be so much easier and fairer. Unfortunately the only way guys can assess girls is their face, tits and arse. I don't want to but evolution and genetics has engineered the male species that way. Human behaviour and thinking has lead to the belief attractive people are kind, intelligent and all the other positive features you can think of, which is utter horsecrap and loose stoolwater of the worst kind.

I know we should transcend our DNA and be attracted to the opposite sex in other ways apart from the appearance but that will take time and a lot of education.

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