Monday, November 05, 2007

More grieving

I knew there was something wrong. A few of my friends changed their Facebook status to 'being shocked' or 'in grieving' but I didn't know what had happened. Only this morning did I assemble the pieces together. When I went down to Starbucks for breakfast and read the South China Morning Post did I know what had happened. Somebody I knew and I had been in the same class with died in a diving accident yesterday. I heard the news yesterday but I didn't realize it was this person until I saw the article in the newspaper today.

It certainly is a tragedy, for her, her family and her friends. I prayed to God that He could find a place for her by his side and comfort her family and friends. I didn't know her that well but knew her well enough to know she was a nice girl, although a bit feisty at times (and I'm saying that in a nice way). Hopefully she has found her way to heaven.

She was only 27 years old. She's the second person I know who has died young. The other jumped off a mountain whilst on a skiing holiday. It's always a tragedy when somebody dies but when that person is somebody you know and who is young, it seems more so. Naturally (and perhaps it is a bit selfish) you start to examine your own existence and you start to notice you should cherish each day, since it can be your last. The Grim Reaper doesn't discriminate between the old and the young - he takes who he pleases.

Another thought that goes through people's mind is "Why?" "Why did you have to take her when she was so young and had her whole life before her?" Many religious people would say it was her time or something along those lines but for those non-believers they don't have the answer and unfortunately nobody does. We all like to die in our elder years pain-free but we don't live in an ideal world. This is a fact of life - some of us will die old but some of us will die young.

Although I didn't know her that well I'm dedicating this entry to her...

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