Friday, April 22, 2016

Celebrity deaths in 2016 - actually more or just a selective memory?

2016 seems to be a year when the number of celebrity deaths have risen. In the global sense, the likes of David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Johan Cruyff and now Prince have passed away. USA have lost Garry Shandling, Doris Roberts, George Kennedy and Harper Lee. Britain said goodbye to Terry Wogan, Paul Daniels, Ronny Corbett, George Martin, Frank Kelly and recently Victoria Wood.

The BBC have a great article on this matter. However I was thinking if we have a selective memory and we think the number of celebrity deaths have risen. I looked at 2015 and it seems we don't have a selective memory. The only celebrities that jump out to me from January to April 2015 are Leonard Nimoy and Terry Pratchett.

According to the BBC, it seems that the trend of celebrity deaths will continue. Now as a doctor I don't wish ill will or death on anybody, but I'm just suggesting to God that he should take out somebody which everybody hates.

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