Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stupid patients

I'm rather glad the Olympics are over. It has been a very good Olympic Games, with Michael Phelps & Usain Bolt being the top stars. I just hope the changes that have been made for the Beijing Games will keep - the sporting venues are used instead of being left abandoned to disuse & the pollution levels are kept low. I also hope the local channels beef up their coverage next time, with presenters who actually know what they are talking about instead of pretty faces who have only two brain cells.


Even during my first week in the Surgical Admission ward, you get to see the most absurd of admissions coming in. When the Typhoon Nuri hit Hong Kong on Friday, there was this elderly lady who was blown over and suffer multiple abrasions including a knock to the head. The police didn't know who she was since she didn't have any identification on her and she was so confused she couldn't say her name. Eventually when her condition had settled she could say her name and her husband could be bought over to properly identify her. When I was setting her drip, all she was saying was, "I got hit on the head... how did that happen?" to which I replied, "There's a typhoon out there and you were blown over." I couldn't actually say what I was really thinking which was "You silly cow! Why did you go out in a typhoon?" Thankfully her condition was stable and she was mentioned in the news.

Even more absurd is the elderly man who scratches his butthole with a toothpick and then is surprised to find his bleeding out of his arse. Or what about the woman who dislocates her jaw for the second time but waits twelve hours to go to hospital despite being in considerable pain?

Really I think there is evidence for creationists to prove that evolution doesn't exist.

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