Thursday, August 21, 2008

Even more Olympic criticism

So far this Olympics hasn't been marred by too much controversy. The Chinese government has effectively suppressed any demonstrations or protests by limiting them to certain areas and putting up so much bureaucracy in the way that it is virtually impossible to successful apply for a permit to protest.

There haven't been many doping offences either. Only one major doping offence that concerned a medal has appeared. So far it has been a relatively clean Olympics and I hope it stays that way. Let's hope we don't get another Marion Jones or Ben Johnson incident.

I'm still hating my local TV station's biased towards the Chinese during the Olympics. As I said before the media should be unbiased and impartial during coverage of any news, whether it is news, sports, business or entertainment they cannot put their opinions in. I say this after Liu Xiang pulled out of the 110 metres hurdles. The channel treated it like somebody important has died.

Another thing I don't like about the Olympics is how some participants swap countries just to compete in the Olympics. I just think it is wrong. You should be proud to represent your country at the Olympics. Even though I think patriotism is blind and irrational, there are times when it is warranted. Lots of Chinese athletes who couldn't get into their national team go to your countries to compete for them, including Hong Kong. There should be a rule, just like in football, that you can only represent one country during your lifetime (apart from when countries break apart like the former Yugoslavia and USSR) and you should have lived in your adopted country for at least seven years.

I'm just glad the Olympics are coming to end soon - I don't think I can stand any more Chinese propaganda at the moment.

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