Friday, March 07, 2008

Some observations about examinations

I tend to get bored in examinations, which is not a very good thing. It just so happens I tend to finish early in multiple choice questions, which everybody else does. Either you know the answer or you don't, so spending extra time on the question trying to decide between A, B, C, D or E won't benefit you, since you probably narrowed the answer to two choices. So what do you do when you finish early? You tend to go over the questions again, sleep or look around and what other people are doing.

Whilst observing my fellow brethren, it occurred to me that it was the same people who were getting up to use the toilet, myself included. I know I have a relatively small bladder and have been having some urinary problems of late. But there are some people who use the toilet during the exams more often than myself. I noticed one guy who used the toilet three times during the three hour examination we just had. This situation reminded of a bedside teaching session we had, when the same guy, answering the question "What are the common causes of fainting?", said urinating. To those even without a medical degree or knowledge know that taking a whiz is not a common cause of sudden collapse but my fellow peers have speculated ever since that this guy probably does faint if he hold his bladder too long. Maybe I'm reading too much into the scenario.

One of aspects I don't like about examinations are the post-exam histrionics. After spending three hours in complete silence, everybody has to talk for the sake of talking. The same subjects are verbalized - "How did you do?" "I did so badly!" "Did you answer XXX for question XXX?" etc. I don't need to know how you did and I don't know how I did, so there is nothing to tell. Discussing the question afterwards is of no help, unless you plan to sit the retake and I don't need every girl screaming and shouting "Oh dear! I'm going to fail!" I know it is just me making these observations but sometimes people have to look at themselves on how they behave and see if it is appropriate or not.

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