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Entering week four of my revision schedule and I think I'm going to go crazy. I feel I don't have enough time to revise everything, even though everything does not have to be revised. Even topics I have revised before and feel I know well are slipping out of my brain. I know everybody in my class is feeling this way but it doesn't help. Making things worse is my Mum nagging me to continually study without breaks. She doesn't know my depression has lead to a loss of attention and concentration for me. I have to flip over to the internet for a while before resuming studying. It's the only way I can manage so I don't get depressed and to maintain whatever focus I have.


I'm disappointed my team Arsenal lost in the Carling Cup semi-final last night but it was inevitable. The match had the feel that it wasn't going to be our night and Tottenham would beat us after eight long years of trying. Spurs totally deserve the victory - they wanted it more than us. Arsenal still have the Premier League, Champion's League and FA Cup to win. I'm not even going to use the excuse of playing youngsters, since most of the team are first team regulars - they're not reserve players. I just hope Everton beat Chelsea making the final something worth watching - a trophy could be won by a non Big Four team.


There are many critics of the January football transfer window - mainly managers. However most of us fans like the transfer window since the situation brings up great news stories into a condensed period. Agents and the media also love the transfer window for various reasons.

To get my mind of studying, I decided to analyze which Premier League teams transfer criteria. I know it is pretty pointless, so if you don't like football (i.e. you're an XX or a poofter), don't continue reading this.

Wenger might think of bringing in an emergency centre back since Senderos & Djourou are injured and Toure is on international duty. In my opinion he won't but if he can find someone who can come on loan for the rest of the season, it would be good.
Out: There are possibilities for Lehmann and Gilberto, with the German goalkeeper more likely to leave as he wants to prove himself for Euro 2008.

Aston Villa
O'Neill must bring in a right back as soon as possible, with rumours of Justin Hoyte being floated around. Other areas such as a secondary left-back, a right winger and a secondary left winger can wait until the summer.
Out: It seems Gary Cahill is going; to where is another question with Sheffield United and cross town rivals Birmingham City seek his employment. Another player that could be going is Patrik Berger, with Portsmouth, the MLS or a return to Czech Republic likely destinations.

Birmingham City
McLeish has already brought in David Murphy, James McFadden and Zarate. The manager still needs to bring in a centre-back.
Out: Tebily and Danns have already left, leaving the last deadwood as Martin Taylor. The transfer of Murphy will lead to questions of the future of the two other left backs, Sadler & Queudrue, but that situation won't be resolved until the summer. Also during the off season will see the departure of a goalkeeper.

Blackburn Rovers
Like Aston Villa, Rovers need a proper right back instead of playing footballers out of position. They also need some back up for the likes of Bentley and Pedersen, since they don't have creativity anywhere else in the side.
Out: I wish Paul Gallagher realizes he has not future at Blackburn and just move on. It is most likely he will go out on loan and then be sold during the summer. It is more likely Jason Roberts or Stephane Henchoz will move before him.

Bolton Wanderers
They really didn't need to bring any new players in. This was the same side who have qualified twice for the UEFA Cup and already have too many players. Two definite areas they need to reinforce is in the forward department, now that Anelka has finally buggered off to Chelsea, and another centre-back now that Gerald Cid has returned to France.
Out: They have far too many players (currently 27 first team players) but I don't think anybody will leave now - they are most likely to leave in the summer once Bolton's future has been resolved.

Now with Anelka and Ivanović on board, Chelsea have already done what they needed in the transfer window.
Out: The only player who could go is Steven Sidwell. He must have been really stupid or greed to agree to sign with Chelsea during the summer.

Derby County
How about a whole new squad? At this rate Derby are already down and out. Paul Jewell is right in thinking he should be planning for the future but he should really wait for the summer before deciding to buy any players.
Out: It seems more likely most of the squad's future will be resolved in the summer but Jon Macken and Robbie Earnshaw are most likely to go during this month.

Moyes really need some wingers, since he doesn't have much creativity outside of Arteta or Cahill in the midfield.
Out: Nobody seems to leaving but Andy Van Der Meyde should leave.

In: I really don't know what kind of player Roy Hodgson is going to bring in. He seems to be bring in his own players.
Out: Quite a number of players could go: Warner, Volz, Christanvaal, Pearce and John. Others may bale out if they think the Cottagers are going to be relegated.

With the future of club up in the air, it seems unlikely other players apart from Skrtel are going to come in. What they most need is a proper left back.
Out: Some of the players that have linked to go out of Mersey include Carson (finally making his move to Aston Villa permanent), Sissoko and Crouch.

I'll do the rest of the teams next time...

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