Saturday, March 31, 2007

The final chance...

In a few weeks, I will embark on my final chance to graduate from this godforsaken place which is called the University of Hong Kong. I am somewhat apprehensive about my chances - I don't know if I can keep my emotions to myself, trying to contain them and not them overpower me. It seems I am on my own since I have few friends to help me. More than now I need them but every time I feel abandoned.

To update since the last time I have been on my blog, my psychiatrist advised me to take a rest. That meant no studying, something my parents found hard to accept and gradually tried to introduce me to other measures of occupying my time, like learning Chinese (which I found useless). Most of the time I was downloading TV programs that I have missed over the past few years. I was enjoying the likes of "The West Wing", which TVB Pearl decided to shove to a midnight time slot during its last two seasons for no apparent reason. I know only the most cultured can appreciate the writings of "The West Wing" and it was no ratings puller. "House MD" has also been downloaded and watched. I think one of my friends is right in saying that all they do is just diagnose a case a week but at least it is a more accurate reflection of a doctor's life than "ER" and "Grey's Anatomy" where it seems that all doctors do is have sex with each other plus look devlishly handsome/beautiful.

Since British shows are never broadcasted here, I have been catching up with my Doctor Who episodes. I know I am a science geek (I've been downloading Star Trek Voyager episodes as well) but I like the element of science and history with the sense of curiosity both shows have. Can't wait for the new series to start, which is tonight in UK.

I also like comedy panel shows from Britain. Since nobody seems to be uploading "Have I Got News For You" I've had to settle for "Mock the Week", which is hilarious. Both shows take a comedic view on the current affairs and news, with comedians providing the laughs. Not for the political-correct minded people.

The best show I have downloaded is QI. It stands for "Quite Interesting" and takes a comedic view on general knowledge quizzes. It stars the massive brain that is Stephen Fry and a range of British comedians, the best being Phill Jupitus and Dara O'Briain. It does contain British references but it is so funny, I keep watching it over again and again, plus the fact that you educate yourself at the same time as well.

Since my family is skint and stingy at the same time, I did some plastering. It is not as easy as it sounds and I have more respect for decorators and builders.

I have so much say on this blog, about friend's abandoning me, about being afraid of my future, about not able to face up to my friends since it will take me nine years finally to graduate but that will come at another date.

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