Monday, October 20, 2014

Vacations I want to go on.

For the past two vacations I have had, going back to work was so bad I suffered a relapse of my depression. Thankfully I'm much better but still having residual symptoms at the moment.

I probably shouldn't go on such fantastic holidays such as a three week road trip in the Western United States or going to see the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix, with concerts by Robbie Williams, John Legend and Jennifer Lopez. Despite all this, my mind wanders to what trips I want to go in the future. Currently I'm planning going to back to the UK between March and May to see my younger brother and his family, with a quick detour to Wales.

Yet there is always another part of me think about other ideas about where I can go on holiday...

1. Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Having turned my back on movies and started enjoying British comedy more, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe has more appeal for me. I want to see shows my comedians I watch on TV or listen on the radio. I want to see the next big thing in comedy and the best place is the biggest arts festival in the world. It would also give me a chance of visiting Scotland.

2. Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Like the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival is another arts festival I want to go to because it's a hotbed of comedy talent. I was planning to go in March 2015 to coincide with the ICC Cricket World Cup final. I had already researched the attractions I wanted to go to, including the National Sports Museum, the Melbourne Aquarium, the Melbourne Zoo and the Royal Botanic Garden. However having spent a gazillion dollars on my last two dalliances, I've postponed going to Melbourne to a later date.

3. Scandinavia trip
I was planning this trip recently, mainly because I have never been to Scandinavia and I wanted to see most of it in one go. The simple trip would be Oslo - Stockholm - Copenhagen but I have an extended version here. I wanted this to be a road trip but having looked at the exorbitant prices of car rentals, it would be most likely done by train instead.

4. Eastern Europe
Due to troubles in the Balkans and the recent infighting in Ukraine, the only places which have any appeal to me in Easter Europe are Budapest, Krakow and Prague. Budapest and Prague have reputations of being beautiful cities and Krakow is most famous for the Nazi concentration camp. I remember going to the Dachau concentration camp in 2003 and it was horrifying and eye-opening at the same time.

5. Eastern USA road trip
Returning to the theme of the road trip, I had ideas of this way back in 2005. The main cities would be Boston, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. but anything could have been tagged to that.

6. Caribbean cruise
Another idea I had ages ago. Even though I can't swim, I would love to lounge around and go to exotic locations. I even did the research and found that it would be very expensive to go alone. It would be best if I could go with my significant other on this one.

7. The Pan American Highway
Probably the ultimate road trip for me. I don't want to transverse the whole of the American continent; only the Central American portion between Mexico and Panama. Again I need the time, money and logistics for this. The main worry for me is the car - do I rent one and return it at the end, if it is possible, or buy a car at the beginning and sell it at the end.

You can get the general theme of my fantasy vacations: either comedy festivals or trips cramming as many places in one time.

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joseph said...

so...are you implying you've got a significant other/someone in mind? if so spill the beans man! wish you would blog more often like you used to.