Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Automatic headlights

They don't work. They just don't work.

What am I talking about? Automatic headlights.

I'm not disputing the "headlights" part. They function just fine. In fact, that is a whole other blog entry to write about, how headlights have become TOO powerful. What I'm ranting about is the "automatic" side of things.

The whole point of automatic headlights is when the visibility becomes too low, such as when it becomes dark or there is adverse weather conditions such as mist or heavy rain, the lights will turn on to aid vision. It is designed for the lazy or ignorant driver who are far too busy to concern themselves with road safety. They are doing other things such as using their mobile phones to talk to people when it is illegal or smoking a fag.

However the sensitivity of the detector is a bit too touchy when it comes to detecting anything resembling light. They don't really work in some conditions of rain, such as a light drizzle. They don't work when it is cloudy - it is still fine not to use those lights but they turn on and blind the driver in front. They switch on when I'm driving in tunnels, even when the tunnel is well lit

I've had to resort to switching the bloody thing off and relying on a thing called my brain to know when to switch on or off headlights. People use to do this back in the old days, so why the need for automatic headlights now? Perhaps car companies should include an additional option to adjust the sensitivity of the automatic headlights. They may have already done, but now on my Volkswagen Golf.

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