Thursday, April 07, 2011

Road rage

I have been back at work for the past week after being on leave for about ten days. I didn't really do much. Most of the time was spent online and watching old episodes of "Mock the Week" and "QI". I must really spend some of my waking hours doing something positive.

I have been transferred to a new hospital which focuses on convalescence and rehabilitation. Many other colleagues says the working hours are supposed to be easier but I just find the work just as gruesome as ever. At least there are fewer calls to have - just the four per month.

After spending most of the time at home during my staycation, I'm now back to driving to work. I've been driving regularly for the past year and half, so I hope I have enough experience to comment on other road users. I'll leave my thoughts about BMW drivers to another day but I do have many complaints about other drivers.

The main complaint I have is other drivers not using their indicators, either to change lanes or when they are turning. I know it is a minor thing to focus on but I really do not like drivers who don't indicate when they changing lanes or when turning right / left. It is such a small task to be performed yet there are those out there who don't do it. Not only it is an inconvenience to other vehicles but it can also be a hazard.

Another irritation I have is people jumping the queue. You know the scenario - you're lined up in traffic when some git drives in the exit road or adjacent lane to cut the queue. I really do hate those people. They intentionally do it because they know they can get away with it. My dad those it often and when I'm in the car when he does it, I chastise him until we get to our destination. Thankfully he does it less, or at least not when I'm riding with him.

To all drivers, there are other road users. Just because you own an expensive car like a BMW 5 series doesn't give you the excuse to drive like a prick.

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