Sunday, July 04, 2010

From gynaecology to paediatrics

I just finished my first year of residency in family medicine and I feel I am as stupid as ever. This is nothing to do with the departments I've been with. They have been very helpful and very nice, especially the gynaecology department I have been attached with for the past three months. I learnt quite a deal of gynaecology in my past three months. Hopefully I will retain all that wisdom and knowledge when I return to the general outpatient clinics and during my exams.

A part of me is relieved to be leaving gynaecology. The only aspect I don't like about the specialty is the patients. Women can be very troublesome, which is probably why I have been single for past 29 years of my life. I honestly believe women have far more somatic complaints than men, so they have to see the doctor more often. On some occasions this is a good thing as if they have a severe condition, they can be treated earlier. However nine times out of ten they complaint is usually very minor. For men, they want to appear strong and their ego prevents them from presenting to the doctors very early. This can be troublesome later if they have a severe condition which should have been treated earlier if they presented earlier.

Also I will be thankful never to perform another gynaecology examination again. I don't mind staring at vaginas all day long but, as Hong Kong women never shave that region ever, it can get wearisome if you have to look at something that looks like a Venus flytrap or when the Predator from the Predator movies takes off his/her helmet. Hundreds of patients and only two shaved pussies. As you probably guess, those two women were foreigners.

So now I'm in paediatrics and hope not to cock up too much. Also I want more fulfilment in my life so I've started exercising to reduce weight and studying for my examinations next year. Hopefully the next few months will be OK.

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