Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Discriminatory against singles

I was rather glad Valentine's Day was on the first day of the Chinese New Year. At least I didn't get the full effect of this commercially capitalized day thrust into my face. I already feel miserable being single. I don't need to feel guilty about being single, like I committed a war crime.

Society does discriminate against single people or at least makes being single feel guilty and bad. Even earlier in life I noticed this. When I was living in the medical students residential halls the kitchen was filled with couples during dinner time making the meals for each other. You felt bad if you even just went into the kitchen, by disturbing the ethos surrounding these couples. You had to sneak in, do your stuff and sneak out like a ninja, hoping nobody remembered you for disrupting this couple's romantic life. It goes on into your later life, when posh restaurants and fellow diners snigger at your if you want a table for one. Sometimes I do want a decent meal without having to go to a fast food restaurant or ordering a takeaway.

Even governments are getting in on the act. They give incentives to people to get married or to have kids. Now I do really feel like a war criminal.

What I shouldn't do nowadays is log on to Facebook so often. I don't mind people announcing their engagement on their profile or post photos of their wedding or their kids on Facebook. I'll be happy for them. However I don't need daily updates with a million photos of their wedding or of their kids on Facebook. Just give me twenty of your best pictures and lets be done with it. I don't need constant reminders on my marital status, thank you.

Look there is nothing wrong with being single, if you choose that status. What is miserable for me is that it is not a choice but just a lack of options.

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